These are Challenging Times

Everyone here at the Law Offices of Matthew Lathrop understands that there are many ways that we can help during this unique time. Working in a small business is one of the most rewarding feelings we have ever personally felt. There is a sense that you are constantly affecting change and making a difference in people’s lives. Right now, there are so many heroes behind the scenes; everyone from medical professionals to sanitation workers, they are at the front line, so we don’t have to be. Not to mention teachers, post office workers, essential courthouse employees, etc. Their efforts and sacrifices are central to our country's continuance.

How We the People Can Give BackCoronavirus COVID-19 first response help Nebraska

Our team has been able to work remotely and we are very grateful for that. As a team, we want to help our community, even if it’s in a small way.  Presenting the Putting First Responders First Initiative partnering with _______ We are having breakfast/lunch delivered to local medical clinics and healthcare facilities, twice a week while they are battling COVID-19. As a firm, specifically a firm that works with the medical field daily, we understand the importance of our medical community. With that being said, if you know of any local medical facilities that are overwhelmed, please leave their name in the comments below, we would love to have a list and the keep the goodies going! Also, to keep the positivity flowing, feel free to comment on ways that you are helping your community. United we will all get through this.

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