How Lawyers Benefit From Lathrop Law Focus Groups

Focus groups provide valuable insights for lawyers preparing for trial. Our legal team has over a decade of experience conducting focus groups, and we find that our focus groups provide lawyers in all 50 states with the following benefits.

Accurate Insight Into Jury Mindset

Lawyers often rely on their legal training to predict how a jury might perceive a case. However, these perceptions can sometimes be biased or skewed by their education and experience. Focus groups offer a remarkable opportunity for lawyers to gain genuine insights into the minds of potential jurors. By tapping into the collective wisdom of the focus group members, lawyers can fine-tune their trial strategies and enter the courtroom with a more informed approach based on focus group results.

Uncover Potential Problems With Your Case

Focus groups can reveal issues with a case that lawyers may not have previously considered. By presenting aspects of a case to a group of participants who qualify to sit on a jury, lawyers can identify potential issues, strengthen their arguments, and formulate effective solutions before the trial starts.

How a Focus Group Works

Lawyers from other firms interested in participating in a focus group with Lathrop Law can start by providing Lathrop Law with essential case information, such as the parties involved, the case's status, and their specific goals for the focus group.

Lathrop Law will conduct and manage the focus group process by taking the steps described below.

Participant Recruitment and Vetting

We select a diverse group of participants who are a representative sample of potential jurors. That way, you can learn how participants feel before you go in front of a jury.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Lathrop Law will draft and execute NDAs with all focus group participants. As lawyers, we understand that ensuring confidentiality is critical.

Pre-Session Briefings

We will meet with you before the focus group begins to thoroughly understand your case and your focus group goals so that we can make the most of our focus group time.

Leading the Focus Group

Our experienced team can guide the discussion, gather valuable insights, and lead an organized focus group designed to get results if you'd like. We know what focus group questions to ask, and we encourage group members to speak freely and provide honest opinions.

Post-Focus Group Debriefing

Following the focus group session, if you would like, Lathrop Law can break down the findings and thoroughly debrief the participating lawyer about the valuable information learned from group members.

Thank You for Considering Lathrop Law's Trial Focus Groups

Whether you're a lawyer seeking in-depth information about your case or need insights into a local juror's feelings and opinions, we look forward to working with you. Please contact us today to learn more about how we conduct focus groups.