Matthew (Matt) Lathrop

Matthew (Matt) Lathrop

Managing Partner & Founder
  • Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO
  • 14301 FNB Pkwy Suite 100 Omaha, NE 68154
  • 402-614-7744

American College of Trial Lawyers Matthew A LathropMatt founded the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop in 2007, with one goal in mind: Give the clients an experience that exceeds their expectations. Since then, he has continually strived to improve clients’ experiences. At the heart of this drive is Matt’s relentless determination to improve his skills as a lawyer and as a counselor.

But a man is not measured by the job he has or even the work he does. He is measured by what is most important to him. For Matt, that is his family. He is married to Peggy and they have four wonderful and very different children. The oldest is a senior in college. The youngest, an 8th grader. They have tastes as varied as dance, soccer, thrift-shopping, dogs, comics, 80’s music, art, reading, and math (to name only a very few). Each one brings light to the lives of their parents that even the best day at work couldn’t match. Matt works every day because he wants to provide for them, and provide them with everything they need, and occasionally with some of the things they want. He works hard each day, so he can enjoy every day off with them.

Matt grew up in a very large family. He was the eighth of nine kids. His dad was a brilliant trial lawyer, and his mom an equally brilliant mother and wife. The goal growing up was to push to get better, never settle for “good enough,” and constantly look for places to improve – in their education, their work, and in service to others. From an early age, he learned a driven and fearless work ethic.

Matt wanted the best grade in every class in school. As he moved through college and then law school, he told himself, “I’m sure there are people here that are smarter than me, but nobody is going to work harder than me.” The challenge of college, then law school inspired him and drove him.

Barred in Nebraska

Very early, Matt knew he wanted to be a trial lawyer and always to represent David against Goliath. He wanted his education and training and eventually, his experience to go toward helping the people who were overmatched, outgunned, and cornered. Seeing the relief in a client’s eyes when he or she realizes that Matt is working for them and is someone who will go toe-to-toe with any big business, an insurance company or a powerful group is priceless. 

Barred in IowaWhat Matt knows that the clients may not know is that these insurance companies and businesses know with whom they are dealing. Either they or their lawyers have run into Matt before. They know – he does what he says he’s going to do. They know, in his dealings with them, just as with his clients, Matt has uncompromising integrity in everything he does and says.

His clients have a zealous advocate. He will not accept anything for his clients but complete justice. Matt prefers a jury to decide a case, rather than accept any offer that the client does not believe is 100% fair. There is no compromise of what is best for the client.

Now in his 29th year of practice, Matt has decades of experience helping injured clients. He has handled every kind of liability claim for injuries. He has sued the State, dozens of smaller political agencies, national retailers, North American trucking companies, international hotel chains, and nearly every insurance company that does business in Nebraska or Iowa.

He loves what he does, and it shows. He is always striving to improve his skills as a lawyer and his knowledge of liability issues and the medicine behind his client’s injuries. He not only continues to study and receive training in his profession. He teaches trial skills. He lectures on the concepts and applications of the law to his field. He is as comfortable in the classroom as he is in the courtroom.

Matt believes there is no greater calling for a lawyer than to be a trial lawyer. To prepare to fight for a client in front of a jury. Matt leaves his ego at the door, though. He knows he will never be smarter than 12 people listening to the evidence. So Matt is constantly conducting focus groups to learn about their attitudes and beliefs. He tests everything. He never guesses what a jury will do. He asks before he ever goes to trial, and then he knows.

Matt’s passions are writing, flying, English Premier League football, coaching youth soccer, volunteering to help men in addiction recovery, books, teaching and learning.

He is a type “A” all the way. He is painfully competitive. He hates sitting still. If you ever ask Matt, “What’s new,” be ready to find out.