In more ways than one, our client is a survivor.

First, she survived breast cancer. As part of her treatment, she had a double mastectomy followed by breast implants. Then, she survived a car crash that caused one of her breast implants to rupture.

We’re proud to have helped her receive significant compensation for the physical and emotional effects of this unusual injury.

How the Crash Happened

Our client was sitting at a stop sign and waiting for traffic to clear so that she could proceed safely. As she was about to accelerate, she was rear-ended by another vehicle. The impact of the rear-end accident caused the seatbelt to lock.  As her body was tossed forward against the locked belt, the seatbelt pulled across her chest and ruptured one of her breast implants.

The Insurance Company Didn't Want to Pay

The insurance company argued that the car crash could not have caused the breast implant to rupture. The insurer emphasized that our client suffered chest pain before the crash. Therefore, the insurer concluded that the implant likely ruptured for another cause.

We Convinced the Insurance Companies to Pay Fair Damages

Attorney Matthew Lathrop's preparation for a potential trial led to fair settlements with the other driver's insurance company and our client's own insurer. Specifically, Matthew:

  • Thoroughly reviewed our client's medical records and talked to her reconstructive surgeon. The surgeon convinced the insurance company that our client's pain prior to the crash was due to her double mastectomy and cancer—not the breast implant.
  • Spent significant time preparing our client for her deposition. The defendant's lawyer argued that our client was already deformed by the double mastectomy and that the implant was just cosmetic. The insurer offered to pay for the implant and surgery, but nothing more. Our client came to us unable to voice the emotional part of her injury. However, during her deposition, she articulated how the injury changed her self-image, hurt her self-confidence, and made her feel unlovable to her husband. With Matthew's help, our client found her voice and was empowered to share the emotional side of her ruptured breast implant injury.

The driver's insurance company paid the insurance policy limit of $100,000, and our client's own insurer paid her policy limit of $50,000. Additionally, our client found it rewarding to be given a voice about the emotional consequences of her injury. Her financial recovery meant that her cancer treatment had not left her ugly or undesirable. Instead, she was deserving of a bright future.

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