One day, a young man in his 20s was riding his bicycle in Council Bluffs, Iowa. This man, who would become our client, was an avid bicyclist who often chose to ride his bike rather than drive his car to work and church.

On the day of the accident, a trucker drove up a hill into the sun and sideswiped our client—forcing him into a ditch. Our client suffered road rash, lacerations, and a nonsurgical collarbone fracture. His doctors told him to wear a sling and be careful during his recovery. He missed about four weeks of work from his retail job, and he no longer rides his bike as much as he used to because he is concerned about riding in traffic.

First, the Injured Biker Tried to Negotiate His Own Recovery

After the crash, the injured biker tried to negotiate his own settlement with the truck driver’s insurance company. The insurance company offered to settle his case for about $23,000. The biker felt that the insurance company wasn’t being fair to him.

Next, the Injured Biker Called Our Omaha Truck Accident Law Firm

After the injured biker contacted the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, Matthew began gathering evidence. Matthew reviewed the biker’s medical records and spoke to his physician. Initially, the doctors thought the injury was just “soft tissue.”  Matthew pushed the cyclist to press for more follow-up.  A new x-ray revealed the broken collar bone.

Then, Matthew demanded that the insurance company pay the injured biker the insurance policy limit.  He gave the insurance company a definite deadline to respond. The insurer did not respond before the deadline expired. When the insurer finally did respond—two days after the deadline—Matthew told them that the offer was no longer on the table.

The insurance company then offered to settle the case for $107,500—$7,500 more than the insurance policy limit of $100,000.

Have You Been Hurt in a Truck Accident?

The experience of a Nebraska truck accident lawyer may make a significant difference in your recovery. Our Omaha truck accident attorneys prepare each case as if it’s going to trial. We know how to gather evidence, conduct jury focus groups, and negotiate fair recoveries for our clients.

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