When a head-on collision in Western Nebraska left a young single mom fighting for her life, the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop turned over every stone to help her recover the maximum possible compensation. Keep reading to learn how Matt and his Omaha-based legal team conducted a meticulous car accident investigation, hiring multiple experts to assist us in getting to the bottom of the case, holding the responsible parties accountable, and securing fair compensation for our client.

The Accident 

Our client, a 21-year-old single mom, was on her way to pick up her infant son from daycare after a long day at work. As she drove around a bend in the road, an oncoming car crossed the center line and collided with her vehicle at 50 mph. The resulting crash was horrific, and while our client was fortunate to be alive, she suffered devastating injuries that required her to be taken to a regional hospital by helicopter and immediately transferred to a Level 1 Trauma Center in Lincoln.

Doctors diagnosed our client with a severe brain injury, and it was unclear whether she would survive. They performed a life-saving craniotomy, surgically removing a piece of her skull to relieve brain swelling and excess pressure. As a result of her injuries, she spent three weeks in the hospital’s intensive care unit, followed by four months in a long-term rehabilitation facility. 

The Investigation

After being hired to represent the accident victim, we quickly launched a thorough investigation into the cause and circumstances of the crash. Though the collision happened in Western Nebraska, we discovered that the other vehicle’s driver was a recently married man from Eastern Nebraska. We hired two seasoned private investigators to dig up everything they could about this couple, their insurance policies, and what caused the man to cross the center line. Our private investigators worked meticulously. While we were ultimately unable to determine what caused the other driver to cross into oncoming traffic, we learned a great deal about the available insurance coverage in this case.

The Resolution 

As a result of our in-depth investigation, Matt identified two insurance policies and recovered policy-limit settlements from both. However, that wasn’t the only miraculous recovery we witnessed in this case. Our client bounced back from her brain injury, returning to work and school after completing months of rehabilitation. While she still faces considerable difficulties and challenges, her mental recovery and physical progress are a testament to the exceptional trauma care she received. We worked tirelessly to resolve this case swiftly, securing a full and fair recovery for our client in just six months.

Negotiations Continue 

Having settled the case, we’re now negotiating with insurance providers to reduce or eliminate subrogation.  That fight will result in a greater recovery for our client, to help her, and her daughter as they move forward toward recovery. More to come!

We Can Help You Fight for the Justice and Compensation You Deserve

When someone else’s negligence harms you, you shouldn’t be the one left dealing with the consequences. At the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, our dedicated team helps clients understand their rights, explore their options for compensation, and navigate civil litigation to secure a successful outcome. 

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