A 56-year-old woman was walking from house to house in her neighborhood to deliver flyers for an upcoming neighborhood meeting when she unexpectedly suffered a severe injury.

As she walked by one home, a pit bull mix named Boss jumped up on the fence enclosing his yard. Boss did not jump the fence, but got hold of the woman’s arm and held on tightly. Boss tore the muscle and skin on the woman’s arm.

Her Next Stop Was the ER

The woman went to the emergency room and had surgery to repair her torn muscle. Her medical expenses totaled about $4,500. She was left with significant scarring.

Dog Owner Claims Woman Taunted Dog

Boss’s owner claimed he watched the whole scene from his window, and that he saw the woman taunting the dog. He argued that the woman’s taunting caused the dog to bite.

Nebraska has a strict liability dog bite statute. That means that in almost all cases, a dog owner is legally responsible for the harm caused by his animal. However, if the dog bite victim taunted the dog, then an exception may be made to the general rule and the dog bite victim may need to pay her own damages.

Our Dog Bite Injury Lawyers Found the Truth

Despite what the dog owner said, we found someone else who saw the woman delivering flyers that day and what happened when the dog bit her. That witness verified our client’s version of events. Our client then gave a compelling deposition about the attack.

After that, the defendant wanted to settle the woman’s claim.  He agreed to pay $47,500 before her case went to trial. The recovery paid for past and future medical expenses, including revision surgery for her scarring. It fairly compensated her for physical pain and emotional suffering.

Let Us Prove the Truth in Your Dog Bite Case

Evidence matters. The Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop will thoroughly investigate your dog bite accident, talk to anyone who witnessed the attack, and fight for your fair recovery consistent with Nebraska law. To learn more about your rights and potential recovery, please contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.