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Did you know, the insurance companies track which lawyers try cases, and which lawyers “settle quickly?”

These companies make decisions about how they will handle a case, and what value they will put on a case, based on whether your lawyer, is a trial lawyer.

A small percentage of cases have to go to trial.  When they do, you need to have an experienced trial lawyer handling your case.  Trial work is not just asking questions in a courtroom.  It requires hours of detailed preparation.  Before trial ever starts witnesses need to be interviewed, records and documents need to be collected, reviewed and organized.  Expert witnesses must be found, vetted and interviewed. The defendant must be thoroughly investigated and interrogated.

Large corporations produce mountains of paperwork and data that must be sifted and combed through for vital evidence.  THEN when the case is ready, the information, evidence, exhibits, and witnesses must all be lined up and put into a logical format to present to a jury.  The order of witnesses and evidence is as important as what the evidence will prove.

Understanding jury psychology and deliberations are critical.   Finally, choosing a jury and presenting evidence is actually the final step.  From the intricate complexities of jury selection to the critical skill of direct and cross-examination of witnesses; the full range of skills of a trial lawyer is not taught in law school, but only learned through years of experience in the courtroom.  I have tried hundreds of cases in my years as an attorney.


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