Older drivers often cause serious accidents.Most drivers try to be safe drivers. As a person gets older, their abilities and physical reactions change. Older drivers may be more likely to cause an accident because of these changes. If you are involved in an accident with an older driver, you need to know what to do to protect your rights.

Potential Dangers of Older Drivers on the Road 

All drivers can cause an accident. Some older drivers may be more likely to do so due to changes in their body and their reaction time. Some common risks of sharing the road with an older driver include:

  • Some people have a slowed ability to react, potentially causing an accident when there are changing road conditions.
  • They may drive slower to compensate for their fear of the roadway.
  • Some older people have weakened eyesight, which makes it harder for them to see what’s further away from them.
  • A person may not be able to maneuver as they did due to difficulty with arm and leg strength.
  • Hearing loss can put them at risk of not noticing changing conditions around them. 

In each of these cases, other motorists and pedestrians may be put at risk because of the mistakes a senior driver makes. 

Nebraska’s GrandDriver Program Explained

Nebraska has a GrandDriver program aimed specifically at helping to educate drivers and their adult children about the physical changes that occur in older drivers. This information program talks about the impact aging has on a person’s ability to drive with confidence and safety. While it does not require any additional training, it does recommend that seniors consider driver evaluation and rehabilitation programs to ensure they are still safe on the roadways.

Turn to Our Nebraska Car Accident Team for Help

If you’ve been injured by a senior driver, take note of what’s happening around you. Be sure to document that other driver’s actions and inactions. Speak to eyewitnesses who can provide more information. Then, contact our personal injury attorney to ensure your rights are fully protected from any damage the other driver caused to you. Call our office today to request a free consultation

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