don't make these common Nebraska car accident mistakesWhen you’re injured in a car accident, you expect the insurance company to compensate you for your medical bills and other losses. However, insurance companies aren’t there to help you get the most for your claim. If you make one of these common mistakes, it may impact how much they’ll pay you for your losses.

#1: Providing a Recorded Statement

You should work with your insurance provider. You should not provide any information such as a recorded or signed document with the at-fault driver’s coverage. This can later be used against you. For example, they may call you on the phone to ask how you are. If you answer you’re doing well out of instinctive politeness, that could be used against you later.

#2: Taking the Quick Settlement 

Insurance companies want to encourage you to settle fast. It often means you’ll settle for less than what is owed to you. When you involve a car accident attorney, they know you’re serious about protecting your right to a fair settlement.

#3: Agreeing to a Pre-Existing Condition Denial

Insurance companies often want to prove you have a pre-existing condition that means they shouldn’t have to pay for your injuries. You don’t want to give them free access to your medical records to look for any type of condition they could label as a pre-existing condition.

#4: Failing to Document the Accident

If possible, take photos of the scene before leaving it. It is also important to take notes of what people say and do after the accident. This can later support your claim.

#5: Apologizing for What’s Happened

Do not apologize to anyone. If you apologize, that indicates you believe you were responsible—potentially reducing another party’s liability. 

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