Dog bites can cause serious nerve damage. Even a small dog bite can penetrate into the skin, causing damage to the underlying nerves. After a dog bite occurs, seek immediate medical care to minimize prolonged injury and infection risk. Then, obtain legal support from a personal injury attorney. 

Types of Nerve Damage Caused by a Dog Bite 

Dogs have strong jaws capable of biting deep into tissue and damaging the flesh, nerves, and muscles. Nerve damage is somewhat common as a result.

When a nerve suffers damage, it can create weakness, intense pain, numbness, or partial or total paralysis of the impacted area. Some common types of dog bite nerve damage injuries include:

  • Neurapraxia. This is the least serious form of nerve damage commonly seen after a dog bite. The bite causes a compression of the nerve, which creates inflammation. It most often heals within a few months.
  • Axonotmesis. In this injury, the nerve stretches, causing a crushing force to the surrounding tissues. This damages the connectivity from the nerve endings. This type of injury usually heals, though it takes time.
  • Neurotmesis. In this more severe injury, there is permanent damage to the tissue and the nerves. However, some people may see improvement over time with rehabilitation. 

Treatment for nerve damage typically involves physical therapy and pain medications. Some conditions, especially neurotmesis, require surgical repair of the damaged nerves.

Possible Recovery 

After an accident like this, a person may be unable to work for some time or may lose function in the impacted area, such as the leg, hand, arm, or fingers. Filing a claim for losses should take into consideration all possible loss including:

  • Lost time at work
  • Emergency medical care
  • Surgical care for nerve damage 
  • Rehabilitation needs
  • Infection management, should it occur 
  • Loss of function or ability to work, if a severe injury occurs 

Why You Need a Dog Bite Attorney in Nebraska 

Don’t put off hiring a dog bite attorney if you have an injury like this. You don’t want to settle your claim too soon or not include all potential losses. 

The Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO can help you with your dog bite claim. If you’re unsure if you can file a claim or how to get compensation for nerve damage, let our Nebraska personal injury attorney help. Schedule a free consultation by calling us today.

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