Avoid mistakes that can hurt your dog bite claim.After a dog bite injury, seeking medical care is the most important first step. Even if you think you may be okay, a visit to the emergency room helps to ensure there’s no risk of infection or damage that’s avoidable. Make sure to avoid these other common dog bite injury mistakes.

Don’t Leave the Scene Too Quickly

If you’re able to do so in the moments after your injury, be sure to take pictures of what occurred. Gather information about the owner, including contact information. It’s also a good idea to get contact information from witnesses at that time.

Don’t Say “It’s Okay”

It’s critical to protect your rights in a case like this. Avoid contacting the dog’s owner or discussing the case with anyone other than your personal injury attorney. Don’t admit fault either. A statement such as, “It’s my fault because I shouldn’t have tried to pet him,” puts your case at risk.

Avoid Talking to the Insurance Company

After an accident, the insurance company’s job is to settle the claim as quickly as possible. If you provide information that jeopardizes your case, such as statements of fault or previous injuries, they could try to settle the claim for less than what’s owed to you. 

Stop Thinking You Don’t Have a Case

After a dog bite injury, it is sometimes common for people to think they don’t have a case. They are unsure who caused the dog bite to occur. Nebraska law recognizes you as the victim. You are likely to have a case for compensation. 

Don’t Try to Represent Yourself

Some people think they can settle a claim like this on their own. Then, they end up settling too soon or for less than what’s owed to them. Your attorney may help you manage current losses, such as ER bills, but also future losses such as infection or rehabilitation costs.

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