Infections are a common dog bite complication.After a dog bite, it is possible to develop an infection. Dog bite injuries can lead to potential infections even if you receive proper medical care after the incident. If someone else’s dog bit you and you are now struggling with an infection, be sure to turn to your dog bite attorney for help getting financial compensation for your losses.

Common Dog Bite-Related Infections

Dog bite infections can worsen your pain and lead to numerous health complications. It’s very important to follow all recommended care steps for injuries from your doctor. The following are some of the most common infections you can develop:

  • Staph infection. These infections are very dangerous to most people and are also one of the most common from dog bites. Staph spreads quickly through the body’s bloodstream, creating symptoms such as abscesses at the bite site, fevers, and muscle pain. Also, look for a red streak that comes from the bite.
  • Pasteurella multocida. This type of bacterial infection is a common concern with dog bites since it lives naturally in the mouth of dogs. Symptoms include general redness and swelling, though some people also have respiratory complications such as pneumonia. 
  • Tetanus. This is a type of bacterial disease that causes stiffness in the muscles, trouble swallowing, and body spasms. Most people should be vaccinated against tetanus, but if you have not had a vaccination, you can contract this condition from a dog bite. 
  • Rabies. Though rare, it is possible to get from a bite if the dog is infected with rabies. Symptoms include a high fever, convulsions, and trouble swallowing. If the animal shows any symptoms of the condition, such as foaming at the mouth, it is critical to be tested and treated for rabies. 
  • Capnocytophaga. Though very rare, this type of infection can be fatal if not treated immediately. The infection may seem minor but can progress quickly as it enters the bloodstream, causing blood poisoning and sepsis. Common symptoms include fevers, headaches, and swollen red patches on the skin near the bite.

Getting Help for Dog Bite Infections

If you notice any of the signs of a dog bite infection, it’s essential to get help right away. Treatment can save your life. Common symptoms that may require immediate medical care include:

  • Skin that’s inflamed or swollen 
  • Redness that develops near or on the bite site
  • Warm-to-the-touch skin
  • Fever and chills
  • Discharge from the dog bite area
  • Unexplained muscle pain in any other area of the body

Proving Your Infection Relates to Your Dog Bite

After a dog bite, document any medical care you receive. If you develop an infection, document that as well. You must prove that the infection was caused by the dog bite itself and that it was not the result of any other type of medical condition. 

You may be able to recoup financial losses related to this infection. That includes your medical bills related to it, lost time at work, or any type of lasting damage resulting from the infection. This is where having a dog bite attorney available to you is so critical. Your attorney will work closely with you to determine the type of compensation owed to you as a result of your losses. They can also help prove that your infection relates to the dog bite, and the owner is responsible.

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