Get full compensation for dog bite damages.A person with an injury stemming from a dog bite may receive compensation for all related losses, including medical bills, lost time at work, long-term recovery needs, and much more. It’s best to work directly with a dog bite lawyer to determine the compensation owed to you before filing a claim for your losses.

Types of Compensation in a Dog Bite Case

After a dog bite, many people suffer significant injuries and other losses. Any type of loss incurred as a result of the dog biting you may be a loss you can claim. Some examples of this include:

  • Medical care. This includes anything related to your medical treatment after the event, including trips to the emergency room, surgical procedures, specialist care, and ongoing medical appointments. 
  • Long-term medical needs. Some people need rehabilitation and physical therapy. Others may need support for medications or infection treatment, including grafts. 
  • Mental health support. As traumatic as a dog bite injury may be, some people may need to seek mental health counseling and support for some time after the event. 
  • Lost wages. Those who lost time at work may benefit from compensation for those lost wages, benefits, and other work-related compensation.
  • Loss of future earning potential. In some cases, your injuries may be severe enough that they limit your ability to work in the future. You are entitled to compensation for any anticipated loss of future earnings. 
  • Pain and suffering. If you suffered pain and suffering after a dog bite injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Additionally, you may be entitled to compensation for emotional distress and mental anguish.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Get Fair Compensation 

The complexity of a dog bite case warrants working with a personal injury attorney. Your attorney works directly with you to determine what happened, who is responsible, and what you are owed. 

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