Your attorney can gather your dog bite evidence.When a dog bite occurs, it’s likely there is a large amount of evidence available. That information can be helpful in proving your case and protecting your right to compensation as the victim.

Types of Evidence for Your Claim

Even small details about what happened in a dog bite incident can prove to be valuable evidence. That’s why it is so important to gather as much data as you can. Some examples of evidence that may be helpful when filing a dog bite claim include:

  • Photos. Pictures taken at the scene of the incident can provide valuable information about what occurred and who was a part of the process. 
  • Video. If there is video evidence, such as from someone’s smartphone or data from a surveillance camera in the area, that can provide excellent insight into negligence. Many homes have doorbell cameras that provide an additional opportunity for video evidence. 
  • Eyewitness testimony. Those who were in the area when the incident occurred can provide valuable info about what happened prior to the dog bite as well as describe the bite.
  • Medical records. It’s always wise to visit the emergency room after an accident. Your medical records can help provide evidence into what occurred, the damage to your body, and your mental state after the dog bite. 
  • Dog’s vet records. This information may be necessary to obtain to prove the dog was healthy at the time of the bite. It may also provide evidence of any noted aggressive behavior the dog was known to display. 

The more sources of evidence, the easier it is for that data to tell the story of what occurred during the dog bite. 

Gathering and Preserving Evidence 

Having access to evidence is important. Gathering and preserving it to ensure the insurance company or judge sees it, is a bit more challenging. This is one reason it is so important to work closely with a dog bite attorney. Your attorney can help in multiple ways:

  • Help find sources of evidence especially when not readily available, such as a business’s surveillance equipment.
  • Interrogate witnesses to gather as much detail of the event as possible, often recording this information by video or audio to use later.
  • Completing depositions of all involved. This data can prove valuable especially if obtained right after the incident. The accuracy of a witness’s statement declines over time.
  • Requests for the production of documents such as the dog’s medical records or other non-public information valuable to your case. 

Evidence May Define Your Settlement

The goal is not to have to take a case to court. The court process is beneficial when needed, but can also be costly and time-consuming. Evidence can help minimize the need to go to court. If evidence is comprehensive and outlines everything that occurred during the dog bite or attack, it’s less likely the insurance company for the defendant will challenge the case. That can mean there’s more opportunity for you to settle the case sooner.

If the case goes to court, your Nebraska dog bite attorney will use that evidence to paint a picture of what occurred during the incident. This data, then, can help prove your case and enable you to receive the compensation owed to you. 

If you don’t have a lot of obvious evidence, that’s okay. Your attorney will work with you to find anything that may be available and not easily considered. Your lawyer may also work closely with you to explore other ways to document what occurred, such as using expert witnesses.

Act Now to Protect Evidence With Your Attorney’s Help

The Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO, works to protect your rights by finding, evaluating, and protecting the evidence in your case. Do not put off contacting our Omaha dog bite attorney for more information on your claim. Call for a consultation