You have a limited time to file your dog bite case.After a dog bite, the victim typically has four years to file a claim of injury or two years to file a claim of wrongful death. If you believe someone’s dog bit you and you are owed compensation for your damages, don’t wait to speak to a personal injury attorney to discuss your claim.

How Much Time Do You Have?

It is possible to file a claim for injuries from a dog bite or other dog-caused injury for up to four years from the date of the injury. If your loved one died as a result of a dog injury or the dog killed them during the attack, close family members have two years to file a claim for the losses. If you wait even one day after this, the case may be tossed out of court. This includes injuries in which a person dies later due to an infection or other cause directly related to the dog’s actions. 

The Sooner You Request Help From an Attorney, the Better

Even though you may wish to wait to file a claim to gather evidence, the sooner you file, the better. This applies even in situations where you may not have all of the debts calculated, or you’re still getting medical care. The benefits include:

  • Keeping witness statements accessible and fresh in their mind
  • Ensuring evidence is preserved
  • Making sure medical files and reports are available
  • Ensuring the dog doesn’t injure anyone else

The sooner you contact a dog bite attorney, the sooner you may receive compensation for your claims as well. Your attorney will work with you to estimate future losses or to calculate existing damages. If you’ve been hurt, don’t wait to request help.

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