A dog bite attorney will protect your rights. The value of hiring a dog bite lawyer is evident for many clients once they realize the work that goes into filing an accurate claim. Hiring a Nebraska dog bite attorney minimizes risks, enhances potential outcomes, and helps ensure the judge or jury hears your voice.

What a Dog Bite Attorney Does to Help Your Claim

After you or your child suffer a dog bite injury, the job of your personal injury attorney is to ensure you receive compensation for your losses. Your attorney investigates your claim and works with you to ensure it is accurately represented. 

Some of the services a dog bite attorney provides include:

  • Gathering evidence in your case
  • Investigating what happened and why
  • Determining what your losses in the case are
  • Negotiating with insurance adjusters for all claims as required
  • Handling litigation if the case needs to go to trial 
  • Ensuring you don’t miss a filing deadline 
  • Working to protect your legal rights throughout the legal process

In addition to this, your attorney works closely with you to understand your concerns and explain your rights. You’ll learn what steps to take should an insurance agent contact you or how to handle communications with the dog’s owner. 

Over the course of the case, your medical needs may change. You may need advanced rehabilitation or suffer additional losses due to time off work. Your attorney works with you to estimate all potential claims to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your losses, even as they potentially change over time.

Learn More With a Free Consultation

You may have questions and concerns. Some people are not sure they have a claim or that their loss is significant enough. Don’t guess about this. Seek legal advice from an experienced attorney to ensure you have enough compensation to pay your medical bills and receive comprehensive medical care to allow you to heal. Schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorney in Nebraska today.