Dog bites can lead to serious injury. Dog bite injuries range from punctures that cause minimal pain and discomfort to serious wounds that lead to a long-term loss of function. If you’ve been attacked by an aggressive dog, it’s essential that you work with a Nebraska personal injury attorney to protect your right to full compensation for your losses. 

Common Injuries Sustained From Dog Bites

Below are some of the more common types of dog bite injuries and the losses you may sustain from them. Keep in mind that you may have very different injuries or more complications. 

  • Facial injuries. A dog bite to the face can create numerous tissue problems as well as broken bones, tooth loss, and damage to the eyes. Infections and scarring can also occur. You may suffer losses related to hearing and injuries. Extensive plastic surgery may be necessary in some cases. 
  • Nerve damage. The teeth of a dog can rip into the skin, damaging the many nerves that run through that area. Nerve damage can be painful and complex to repair, if at all possible. Nerve damage can also lead to a loss of function of that body part or limb, leading to emotional turmoil and loss. Some types of nerve damage result in permanent disability.
  • Open wound injuries. An open wound can expose and damage multiple layers of the skin. It can also lead to a higher risk of infections. Open wounds may also develop scarring that may impact your quality of life or lead to emotional turmoil. 
  • Infections. One of the most common risks comes from rabies, but others can occur as well. If the dog is ill with some type of parasite or the wound becomes infected due to the complexity of the injury, this can lead to long-term damage. It may also result in longer healing. Some infections can enter into the bloodstream, impacting other areas of the body as well.
  • Amputations. In serious cases, a person may have serious damage to a leg or arm. You may have more localized damage to a finger, hand, or foot. In any of these cases, when the damage is significant, amputation may be necessary to protect the rest of the body from spreading infection. This means long-term rehabilitation, the use of prosthetics, and loss of quality of life. 
  • Scarring. While not a physical limitation in some situations, it can be very damaging to you mentally. Keep in mind that scarring can cause loss of function of an area, create disabling conditions, and be painful. Medical treatments, such as the use of skin grafts are invasive but may provide some help.  

Any of these injuries can occur to a child. That may result in further damage, limitations to growth, and long-lasting emotional trauma. 

Working With a Dog Bite Attorney Can Make the Difference in Your Outcome

Dog bite injuries can be debilitating and difficult to manage. Though some require a few stitches, others may lead to months of rehab and overcoming emotional scarring. When you or your child suffers a dog bite injury, do not rush to settle the claim. You need time to learn what all of your losses will be over the entire period of your healing.

Your personal injury attorney in Nebraska can provide you with help with this process. Your attorney, who has experience in representing those who have dog bite injuries, understands what you’re going through and can help you ensure your medical bills are fully accounted for before you file a claim. This type of insight and support can prove to be critical in protecting your claim in the long term. 

At the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO, you’ll find help for any type of dog bite injury. Our Nebraska premises liability attorney can help you protect your right to compensation and answer all of your questions. Call for a consultation