If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s important to contact an attorney right away. The days and weeks following a crash can be difficult, even if you sustained what you believe to be minor injuries, and dealing with insurance companies and expensive medical bills can be overwhelming and exhausting. Having an advocate who understands personal injury law, can handle communication with the insurance adjusters, and can protect your rights by skillfully managing your injury claim is critical to the success of your case and obtaining the compensation you deserve. Contacting a car accident attorney

What Can Happen If You Don’t Call an Attorney

No law says you must hire a lawyer if you’re injured in a car accident, but there are a variety of reasons why it’s in your best interest to do so. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers who begin evaluating your personal injury claim immediately, and most people aren’t equipped to face down attorneys whose full-time job is to save money for billion-dollar insurance companies. In order to level the playing field and balance the scales, you need legal representation. Here’s why:

  • Documentation could be lost. The longer you wait to contact an attorney, the more risk there is that key documentation will be lost. It’s not uncommon for paperwork to go missing, evidence to be misplaced, or photos to be damaged. You may also find that the injuries you’ve suffered weren’t properly documented or photographed by medical professionals, and this could limit your compensation. It’s difficult, if not impossible to go back and track down this information later.
  • Insurance companies may pressure you. Many insurance companies try to pressure accident victims into settling their cases quickly before knowing the full extent of their injuries and medical treatment needs. When you hire an injury attorney right away, you secure a legal professional who will represent you in all conversations with the insurance companies, minimizing any premature pressure to settle.
  • Witnesses could be lost. Over time, witnesses may forget the accident, what they saw, and what they said. They may no longer be able to provide the critical evidence you need, and this can put your case at risk. Your attorney will help document all witness statements as soon as possible, ensuring you have the most accurate account of what happened.
  • Insurance companies may delay your claim. Some insurance companies make it a practice to delay personal injury claims. This is a common tactic, and these companies use many strategies to keep you from obtaining the compensation you deserve.
  • Statute of limitations might be missed. In Iowa, there is a two-year statute of limitations for filing your claim. In Nebraska, this is four years. If you wait too long to file your claim, you may lose your right to legally receive compensation.

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As soon as you’re in an accident, seek legal assistance. Starting your claim with an experienced attorney can help ensure your rights are protected. At the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO, you’ll get the time, attention, and detail you need to pursue the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation to speak to our legal team today.


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