Our 20-year-old client was riding in a car with her cousin and three other friends when she was badly hurt in a two-car accident. The accident left her with a fractured pelvis, broken right collarbone, and a complete fracture of her right humerus bone. Her cousin was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash.

Others Were Also Hurt

Our client was not the only one hurt in this wreck. Five people were hurt, including our client, three other people in the car with her, and one person in a different car.

All five people made a claim against one insurance policy. The policy had a $500,000 limit. One person was in a coma and settled their case for $250,000. That left $250,000 for the other four people hurt in the crash.

Attorney Matthew Lathrop suggested that the attorneys for the four remaining injured people go to mediation to decide how to divide the remaining $250,000. The other attorneys agreed. At mediation, Matthew secured approximately 70% of the remaining money for our client.

Maintaining Family Relationships During a Car Crash Case

Our client was in a potentially tricky situation. She needed to make a fair financial recovery, but she didn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with her cousin.

We understand and appreciate the value of maintaining this relationship, and we did everything we could to make sure the family made it through the legal process without unnecessary stress or discord.

People who suffer car accident injuries often have personal relationships with the driver involved in their crash. If you are in this situation, we encourage you to contact the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop today for a free consultation. We will do everything possible to help you maintain your family relationship or friendship while we protect your financial recovery.