One June day, a 44-year-old mother of three boys was injured in a Papillon, Nebraska car crash. Another driver ran a red light and crashed into the mother, causing her to suffer connective tissue injuries, including neck and midback pain, numbness, and tingling.

After the crash, the mother went to the emergency room, had follow-up doctors’ appointments, and completed two rounds of physical therapy for her neck pain. Her medical bills were approximately $15,000.

How We Got Our Client Fair Compensation

We were able to settle our client’s claim with the other driver’s insurance company relatively quickly. Unfortunately, the other driver only had a policy limit of $25,000. We recovered the full amount of the policy and then sought additional compensation from our client’s own underinsured motorist policy.

Our client’s insurance company denied her claim completely. We decided to sue the insurer in Sarpy County District Court. The insurer offered a settlement of $2,500, which we rejected.

Kelsey Weiler, an attorney with the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, spoke with our client’s doctor about how her neck pain affected her daily activities, and then Kelsey prepared our client for her deposition. Our client answered all of her deposition questions honestly and her testimony was compelling. She explained how she was no longer the fun-loving mom that she was before she got hurt. She detailed how she could no longer go on roller coasters and adventures with her three sons because of her accident injuries.

Hard work, dedication to the client, and Kelsey’s preparation made a big difference. After her deposition, the insurance company settled her underinsured motorist claim for $25,000, bringing our clients’ total compensation to $50,000.

Has Your Life Changed in a Nebraska Car Crash?

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