A father and his nine-year-old son were traveling on a state highway north of Omaha when another driver ran through a stop sign. The vehicle that ran the stop sign collided with the front passenger door of the family’s car. The son was sitting in the front passenger’s seat.

Son Suffers Serious Leg Injury

Both the father and the son were hurt in the crash. The father was seen in the emergency room and had subsequent doctors’ office visits, but he was not severely injured.

The son, however, suffered a severe transverse displaced midshaft fracture of his right femur. His right thigh bone snapped. The break went all the way across the bone and the broken ends were not close together. He had to have surgery and rods and screws implanted in his leg to repair the broken bone.

Pursuing Additional Coverage After an Initial Settlement

Attorney Matt Lathrop settled the case with the other driver’s insurance policy for the maximum amount allowed according to the insurance contract. However, Matt didn’t stop there. He continued to fight with the father’s own insurance company to get the policy limit for his son.

As the case was concluding and a conservatorship was being set up for the son, the hospital started a collection action against the father. The family’s health insurance company had paid the hospital. However, the health insurance company said that the hospital sent the money back. Additionally, the client had reimbursed the health insurance company from the settlement with the other driver’s insurance. Yet, the health insurance company claimed they knew nothing of this. 

Matt produced copies of the checks and presented them in court as evidence that his client did not owe any additional medical bills. The court agreed and the judge dismissed the case. Our client settled with his own insurance company and none of that money went toward medical expenses.

What If Your Child Is Hurt in a NE Car Crash?

You will likely have to fight for your fair recovery. Even if liability is undisputed, the insurance companies may make a fair recovery complicated.

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