When a negligent carpool dad caused a crash that left a talented Select soccer player with aspiration-ending injuries, the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop fought tirelessly to secure justice and fair compensation for our young client.

Find out how Matt and his team adeptly navigated COVID-related court delays, gathered powerful evidence, and overcame staunch denials of liability from the driver, ultimately leading their insurance company to settle with us a week before we were scheduled to go to trial.

The Accident and Injuries 

Our client, an 8th grader on a junior high Select soccer team, traveled to Kansas City for a tournament. What should have been an uneventful trip to church with a few of her teammates took a turn for the worse when the driver—another player's parent—ran a red light and went through a busy intersection, striking a turning vehicle. 

As a result, our client suffered a significant back injury that disrupted her athletic trajectory and effectively shattered her dreams of attending college on a soccer scholarship. After the accident, she spent a year slowly recuperating from her injuries, fighting to recover to the point that she could return to play. Her doctor prohibited all sports and athletic activities for 12 weeks (approximately three months). In the following four months, she could exercise but was restricted from participating in competitive sports, including her beloved soccer.

Our client eventually made a triumphant return to the game. She returned to the Select soccer program and enjoyed a successful stint as a starter on her high school team. Unfortunately, she still faced an ongoing battle with back pain stemming from the crash. By the time she reached her senior year, she realized she had to give up her aspirations of playing at the collegiate level. The physical demands of high-level sports proved too difficult and painful due to the lasting impact of her injuries. She's now doing well in college, but she's no longer playing competitive soccer.

The Investigation

Our investigation revealed particularly egregious conduct by the carpool driver, who proceeded through the intersection 13 seconds after the light turned yellow, then red. The driver denied liability for our client's injuries, asserting that her ongoing pain was due to a flare-up of a previously treated injury, which they claimed was unrelated to the car accident. 

We filed a lawsuit against the driver and engaged in vigorous litigation. Our team gathered extensive—and impactful—evidence supporting our client's claims, interviewing every Select soccer coach she'd had from fifth grade through high school. As professional soccer coaches for a highly competitive program, these individuals are uniquely qualified to tell the difference between average and high-level players, and they provided valuable insight into our client's abilities before and after the crash. Her coaches were prepared to testify that she was exceptional and an impact player on the pitch, whose game had suffered dramatically since the car accident injury. 

The Resolution

We were eager to resolve this matter for our client, who was not only forced to alter her college goals but whose court case experienced significant delays due to COVID. Unfortunately, the defense wasn't eager to make us a fair offer. They contested the case until nearly the eve of the trial, with the driver's insurance company agreeing to settle with us for $100,000 approximately a week before the scheduled trial date.

We didn't stop there. After settling with the carpool driver, we turned around and made a claim against our client's own insurance company and recovered an additional $100,000 for her in a policy limits settlement.

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