One evening, our client, a 38-year-old dentist, was walking home from a restaurant to his condo in downtown Omaha. While he was in a crosswalk, he was hit by an SUV driver who was turning on to the street where our client was walking.

What Happened Next Was Amazing

In the SUV were the driver and two passengers who had just left a birthday party at a local dance club.

After running into the dentist, the SUV driver jumped out of her vehicle and starting screaming at him. She began yelling that the dentist was crossing against the light, that he jumped in front of her vehicle, that the accident was staged, that he was not hurt, and her vehicle never hit him.

As the SUV driver continued yelling at the man who had been hit, her two passengers got out of the vehicle and disagreed with the driver. The driver left the scene of the accident. The passengers helped the dentist back to his condo and called the police.

Our client suffered a significant knee injury requiring an arthroscopic surgery and a brace. He was temporarily unable to work.

Settling the SUV Hit and Run Pedestrian Crash

The dentist contacted our car accident lawyers, and we sued the driver on his behalf. We scheduled the deposition of the two passengers who heroically came to his aid that night and the deposition of the driver who hit him.

The SUV driver’s insurance company agreed to pay our client the policy limit. He had already incurred approximately $21,000 in medical bills paid by his insurance company, and we were able to negotiate a settlement that allowed him to keep all of the insurance money paid in the settlement of this SUV hit and run case.  We also negotiated with our client’s own insurance company, convincing them to drop their claim to be repaid, further protecting our client’s financial recovery.

Get the Fair Recovery You Deserve After an Omaha Pedestrian Accident

Eyewitnesses are critical when a driver and pedestrian disagree about what happened. Our client was lucky that the two SUV passengers were honest about what happened. Our Omaha car accident lawyers will work hard to find honest witnesses in your case. And when no reliable witnesses are available, we will work hard to prove liability with all of the other available evidence.

We want to help you get the compensation you deserve for your past and future medical costs, lost income, out of pocket expenses, pain, suffering, and other damages. Call the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop today to schedule a free consultation.


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