Our client worked as a supervisor for a local garbage collection company. It was her responsibility to pick up the trash that fell off other garbage trucks. One day, she was doing her work on the side of the expressway, where she stopped her pickup truck to collect trash bags that had fallen off another truck.

As she was standing behind her pickup truck, another vehicle came up behind her and crushed her between that vehicle and her truck. The driver got out of the car without putting on his hazards so that he could attend to her. Unfortunately, another collision soon occurred. A second car crashed into the back of the first vehicle to hit our client—causing further harm to our already seriously injured client.

Our client suffered a traumatic amputation of both legs.

Workers’ Compensation and Four Insurance Recoveries

Typically, workers’ compensation is a worker’s only source of recovery after an on-the-job accident. In this case, workers’ compensation paid our client’s medical bills and total disability benefits.

However, it wasn’t enough to compensate our client for her catastrophic injuries. Accordingly, attorney Matthew Lathrop pursued cases against:

  • The driver of the first vehicle to hit our client. That case settled for insurance policy limits.
  • The driver of the second vehicle to injure our client. That case also settled for insurance policy limits.
  • The auto insurance our client’s employer had on the pickup truck she was driving at the time of the crash. Matthew convinced the insurer to settle not just one but two claims—one for each collision—pursuant to underinsured motorist coverage. Both claims settled for the policy limits.

The insurers argued that workers’ compensation was our client’s exclusive legal remedy. Matthew fought back and won four insurance policy limits in addition to workers’ compensation benefits for our client.

Our Client Recovered Almost One Million Dollars and Medical Expenses

In the end, our client recovered just under one million dollars plus accident-related medical expenses for the rest of her life. Workers’ compensation paid for extensive modifications to her home, so she could get around much easier. Her injuries left her totally disabled from work, but she felt inspired to become active in a support group for amputees at the university hospital in Omaha.

Nothing could undo the devastating and life-changing injuries our client suffered. However, our client was able to live the rest of her life knowing that her medical bills would be paid. She had the necessary money to live comfortably and pursue volunteer work that she felt passionately about doing.

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