One summer day, a family returned home from the Sydney, Iowa rodeo. A grandfather was driving the van and had his adult son, two grandchildren, a friend, and his friend’s granddaughter with him.

A confused older driver crossed the center line and hit the family’s van almost head-on. Everyone in the van was hurt, but thankfully, no one suffered life-threatening injuries.

Difficult Liability Insurance Company Negotiations 

Insurance company negotiations were very challenging in this case. 

The liability insurance company didn’t want to provide the van driver with fair compensation because his injuries were not the worst of the injuries suffered in the crash.

Additionally, the hospital did not bill Medicare for the van driver’s medical treatment. The hospital wanted to wait for the liability insurance. Attorney Matthew Lathrop warned the hospital that it needed to submit the bill to Medicare before the time for doing so expired, but the hospital chose not to submit the bill on time. Accordingly, Matthew was able to negotiate an $11,000 medical bill down to $500. Matthew recovered the full $100,000 liability insurance policy limit for the six people hurt in the van but didn't stop there.

Challenging Negotiations With Clients' Own Insurers 

After recovering the full liability insurance policy limit for his six injured clients, Matthew also filed claims against his clients' insurers, seeking compensation from four underinsured motorist coverage insurance policies on the family’s behalf. Following lengthy negotiations, the insurance companies ultimately agreed to settle the claims for the policy limits.

Matthew pursued multiple avenues for recovery and fought tirelessly to ensure his clients were fully and fairly compensated after suffering injuries and damages in a devastating crash they didn't cause. He can provide the same highly skilled legal services and compassionate support for you and your family.

Now Is the Time to Protect Yourself and Your Injured Passengers

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