Evidence is key to building a strong motorcycle accident case. Gathering evidence is an essential part of building a strong motorcycle accident case. The more proof you can provide to explain what happened, the easier it will be to show that you’re owed compensation for your losses. Yet, sometimes, it’s easy to overlook valuable evidence. 

Your History

Your rider history can help show a jury or judge just what type of rider you are. If you have a history of wearing a helmet, keeping your bike in good condition, and obeying all traffic laws, that’s valuable information. If your history isn’t so good, though, and perhaps you have some social media pictures showing that, this can work against you. 

Evidence From the Accident

Information gathered at the time of the accident is also quite valuable. This includes:

  • Witness statements and contact information
  • Photos taken immediately after the incident
  • Images or video from nearby cameras 
  • Police report information
  • Statements about the way the other driver was behaving before or after the incident

Medical Documentation

Going to the emergency room immediately after an accident helps to create this type of evidence. It’s a good idea to ensure all of the data from your medical injuries is clearly outlined, including all medical reports, x-rays, and test results taken at the time of the incident.

Turn to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Help

Each piece of evidence in your case can help to prove your case. As a result, don’t leave anything out when speaking to your motorcycle accident attorney. Your attorney will work closely with you to gather any available evidence and then use that information to help you receive a fair recovery. 

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