Get compensation after a motorcycle accident.Motorcycle accidents often have devastating results. Often, the cause of motorcycle accidents relates to the actions or inactions of other drivers, including car and truck drivers. 

How Do Drivers Cause Motorcycle Accidents?

Many factors contribute to motorcycle accidents. Sometimes, it is hard to know why they happened. These are some of the most common reasons other drivers put motorcycle operators at risk:

  • Driver inattention. They just do not pay attention to the roadway and miss the motorcycle.
  • Driver distraction. Using phones, eating, applying makeup, or arguing with someone in the vehicle can lead to distraction and accidents.
  • Aggressive driving. Instances of speeding or reckless driving can commonly lead to reduced response time when a motorcycle is nearby.
  • Drowsy driving. Truck drivers who have been on the road for hours or those driving to and from work in the middle of the night are more likely to cause accidents.
  • Operational mistakes. This includes not checking blind spots before merging or not accounting for a smaller sized motorcycle.
  • Opening doors. In some cases, car or truck drivers parked on the side of the road may open their car doors without noticing a motorcycle rider.
  • Making left-hand turns improperly. The smaller size of the motorcycle makes it harder to see when making these turns.

Protecting Your Right to Compensation

Ultimately, the only way to determine the cause of these accidents is by gathering facts at the scene and using witness statements. Often, a full investigation is necessary to determine the actual cause. During that time, it’s critical to have a Nebraska motorcycle attorney by your side to help you know your rights and to protect any compensation owed to you.

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