Protect yourself from insurance surveillance. After any type of accident, an insurance company’s goal is to find ways to reduce the amount they pay to cover the losses incurred. One of the ways they may do this is by implying that a person claiming to suffer from injuries or other losses is not being truthful. That is why some people worry about insurance company surveillance after a crash.

Will the Insurance Company Do Surveillance?

Insurance companies do not do surveillance in every case. However, you should proceed as if they are to protect yourself from this risk. Most often, an insurance company may take steps like this if they believe there is some reason to think you are being misleading or otherwise inaccurate in the statements you are making. They may also pursue surveillance if they expect the case to go to trial. 

That’s one of the key reasons to work with a motorcycle accident attorney from the start. Don’t give them the ability to speak to you. 

What Type of Surveillance May They Use and What Are They Looking For?

Should the insurance company decide to pursue surveillance, they may use a variety of strategies to do so. Sometimes it is as simple as checking your social media for photos of what you’re doing and information you’re sharing with others. This is why personal injury attorneys will recommend that you avoid posting about what’s happened to you on these sites and ask others to do the same.

Video surveillance can occur in some situations. They may wish to capture you doing activities you claim you cannot. For example, if you have a debilitating back injury but you spend the day on the golf course, that could cost you the claim. They may hire a private investigator to gather information about you and your activities, especially if they think claims are being exaggerated. 

How Can You Protect Yourself After a Motorcycle Accident?

You shouldn’t limit yourself or your quality of life. If you have a legitimate claim, your personal injury attorney will work hard to protect your rights. However, there are a few things that may help you during this time:

  • Lock down all of your social media accounts. Make sure you only allow people you know personally to access any information. Better yet, minimize your presence on social media in situations where there are questions about your health and injuries. 
  • Keep up with what your doctor tells you. If the doctor says you should not be driving a car or carrying items over 20 pounds, don’t do it. Follow your doctor’s orders. 
  • Pay attention to what’s happening around you. If you see a car parked outside your home or work that looks suspicious, be cognizant of what could be happening. 
  • Use common sense. If you should not be doing something because of the risk of injury, don’t do it. This isn’t the time to get pulled over for speeding or spend time on a vacation scuba diving.
  • Don’t try to tough it out. If you have motorcycle accident injuries, don’t cut the grass or otherwise engage in activities because you feel you need to get things done.

Work With a Nebraska Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Protect Your Rights

Moving your case through as quickly and as completely as possible is a big part of protecting yourself. Don’t put yourself at risk. Instead, work with an attorney who can help to protect your recovery and manage insurance company claims professionally and accurately. 

At the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO, our team provides comprehensive support to our clients, eliminating your need to worry about your case. Let our team answer your questions and discuss options with you after a motorcycle accident occurs. You can call us for an appointment and free consultation to discuss your legal options. 


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