Open door accidents can cause serious injuries.Motorcycle riders in Nebraska face numerous risks. One hard-to-prevent accident occurs when someone opens a car door as you ride past. This type of accident may result in numerous injuries and damage to both the motorcycle and the vehicle. 

Open door accidents are often the result of simple carelessness. A driver may not look to see if a motorcycle is driving past them before opening the door. The result is the motorcycle striking the door. 

In many situations, it is the car driver’s fault this accident occurred because they didn’t check to ensure it was safe to open the door. If you’ve been injured in this type of accident, attorney Matthew Lathrop can help you protect your rights by filing a Nebraska personal injury claim. 

Types of Injuries Resulting From Open Door Accidents

After an accident like this, the driver may suffer numerous injuries depending on the angle of the accident and the speed of the motorcycle. Some potential injuries include:

Debilitating loss of a limb, paralysis, and wrongful death are additional risks in motorcycle open door accidents. 

Potential Damage Claims After Open Door Motorcycle Accidents 

After this type of accident, the recovery process may take time and numerous procedures, rehabilitation appointments, and painful moments. You may be able to claim compensation for your losses. Some examples of potential damages include:

  • Emergency room visits and care
  • Surgical procedure and specialist care
  • Inpatient hospital stay costs
  • Long-term rehabilitation needs
  • Loss of function of limbs 
  • Loss of ability to work
  • Pain and suffering

Let Our Nebraska Personal Injury Attorney Protect Your Right to Compensation 

The complexity of this type of accident warrants working with a motorcycle accident attorney. Our goal is to gather information about the case, seek out all available evidence, and interview witnesses. We’ll work to file your claim with the insurance company or pursue a settlement through a legal case if necessary.

Let the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO help you with your motorcycle accident. Call us for an appointment.

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