Many factors affect the size of a personal injury claim.The value of a car accident settlement is influenced by various factors beyond the basic value of your medical bills. Some components don’t have a specific, related dollar amount. 

Estimating Your Losses

The first step is always to estimate your losses. Medical bills, lost time at work, and long-term care are a few examples. You may also need to consider pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, or companionship claims. To determine this number, your attorney will use past car accident settlements in Nebraska or Iowa to get more insight into what the courts have offered prior. 

Determining Factors

With this information in hand, the courts make decisions. There are four key elements the courts consider:

  • How accurate your claim of what happened in the accident is, based on the evidence available
  • How well you can prove the other party is negligent, and therefore responsible, for your losses
  • Whether your doctor’s opinion on your losses and medical limitations is accurate 
  • Whether your claims are represented in your actions and lifestyle

With the help of your attorney, you’ll have to show the court your side of the story. From there, the court will estimate the other party’s claims, other evidence, and police reports to determine how accurate your claim is. Then, the court makes a decision on how much your award will be.

If you’re working towards a settlement directly with the insurance company, they may also factor in previous claims like yours or try to negotiate with you. Your attorney can help minimize losses in these cases by, again, proving your losses.

Working With an Attorney Is Essential

Because of how important every detail is in a case like this, most people should work with a personal injury attorney to file a claim. Your attorney can help ensure your settlement fully compensates you for your losses.

To gain insight into what your settlement could be, come into the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO. A free consultation can shed some light on what you can expect.