Rider's arm is a common motorcycle injury. Rider’s arm, sometimes called biker’s arm, is a common injury in a motorcycle accident. It occurs when a person tries to protect themselves from an oncoming crash by placing their arms in front of them to brace for impact. When they do this, it may help to protect the face or chest. However, the impact causes significant damage to the arms—including the nerves, tissues, and muscles.

How Does Rider’s Arm Happen?

Rider’s arm implies damage to the median, ulnar, and radial nerves located in the arm. This type of damage from bracing for impact can take a few days to develop. It can also lead to long-term rehabilitation needs and significant pain. 

Many people develop additional injuries with biker’s arm including:

What Happens After This Injury?

After an accident, head to the emergency room immediately, even if you feel okay. A full diagnosis is beneficial as it can help to minimize long-lasting damage. Some people face days or weeks of pain and limited mobility. Others need much longer to recover fully. Most people have limited mobility during this healing process, which can limit a person’s quality of life and ability to work.

What to Do After a Rider’s Arm Injury

If you’ve been diagnosed with rider’s arm after a motorcycle accident, work with a motorcycle accident attorney to document your injuries before you begin the claims process. Because this injury can take a bit longer to become evident, don’t speak to insurance adjusters until you’ve spoken to your attorney. Your recovery may include:

  • Payment for medical bills 
  • Rehabilitation compensation
  • Lost time at work 
  • Long-term pain needs
  • Pain and suffering claims 

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