Protect your right to compensation for road burn injuries.Road rash or road burn is a dangerous skin condition that occurs during a motorcycle crash. It creates damage to the tissues and potentially muscles, as well as a significant risk for infection. If you suffered road burn like this, and someone else is at fault for your motorcycle accident, you may be able to file a claim for compensation for your losses.

What Is Road Burn?

Road burn injuries include scrapes, bruises, and damage to the outer layers of the skin as a person is thrown from or dragged by their motorcycle. When this happens, the skin drags against the pavement or gravel, causing damage. Some types of road burn include:

  • Scrapes and tears. In minor accidents, the surface of the skin can suffer abrasions, scrapes, and tears—some of which may require stitches. Open wounds like this can occur at any speed. Infection risk is high.
  • Avulsion injuries. This type of injury results in the removal of numerous layers of the skin. Sometimes, the muscle and fatty tissue under it may be visible. These wounds may require surgical repair, including skin grafts to encourage healing. They can also lead to muscle damage requiring rehabilitation. 
  • Compression injuries. This is a type of crushing injury. These injuries are more common when a limb is caught under something, such as the bike. It causes damage to the skin and tissues at various degrees.

Potential losses from motorcycle injuries like this include:

  • Medical bills
  • Emergency room visits
  • Infection control over a long period
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost time at work

Determining Who Is Responsible for Your Injuries 

To determine if you can file a lawsuit, it’s necessary to consider who caused the accident. If it was another driver, you may have a claim. If you were a passenger on a motorcycle, the driver may be responsible. It’s best to work with a personal injury attorney to help you determine fault and whether you can file a claim.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Help

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