Our personal injury attorneys can help with claims for dog chase injuries. Under Nebraska law, owners are liable for injuries others sustain when their dog chases and injures another person. The term “chase” refers to any instance in which the dog “follows quickly or persistently in order to catch or harm” the individual. If this happened to you, it’s critical to work with a dog bite attorney to protect your rights under this law.

How a Chase May Cause Injuries 

A wide range of injuries are possible when a dog chases a person. This includes injuries from an attack, such as a dog bite. It may also include injuries resulting in tripping or falling while the dog is pursuing. Some examples of potential injuries resulting from a dog chase include:

  • Injuries to the leg, hand, or arm, including bites and scratches
  • Scraps, tissue damage, and lacerations to the skin
  • Broken bones from falls, especially the hands and arms from putting hands out to protect their face
  • Disfigurement injuries from falling but also from bites
  • Head injuries from tripping if the head hits the ground
  • Infections from wounds
  • Loss of function of limbs from serious injuries 
  • Death in extreme cases

How a person falls, if the dog bites, and the amount of time the chase occurs can all impact the outcome of such injuries. This includes long-lasting emotional scars from the trauma as well as pain and suffering losses.

What to Do If You Are Hurt in a Chase

After seeking medical attention, report the incident to the police. The police documentation, witness statements, and photos of the scene can be helpful evidence when filing a claim for losses. Work closely with a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and ensure you receive full compensation for what’s owed to you.

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