You may not need to go to court to settle your car accident case. It is not common for a car accident lawsuit to end up going to a jury trial. Most often, they are settled before court. However, you should still be prepared to go to court. If the insurance adjuster does not agree to a settlement, you may need to head to court to get the compensation you deserve. 

Your personal injury attorney will work closely with you to ensure you are ready to go to court. This includes preparing evidence, documenting all witness statements, and explaining what to expect from the trial. 

Settling a Claim Is Common for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies do not want to spend the time or money preparing for a trial unless they are confident they can win it. They typically will settle a car accident claim out of court for numerous reasons:

  • They spend less on legal fees settling than a long-court battle.
  • They want to protect their reputation with the public.
  • Juries can be unpredictable in personal injury claims. 

Most victims prefer settling, as well. It means you’ll receive guaranteed compensation, which may not happen if a jury doesn’t believe your case. It may also be a faster process with fewer attorney fees.

Why Would an Insurance Company Go to Trial?

In some situations, victims try to claim too much or have unproven claims for compensation. In other cases, the statute of limitations to file may pass soon, and they hope you will not file in time. In all cases, you should be prepared to go to trial if it becomes necessary. Your personal injury attorney in Nebraska can offer some insight into what to expect. They often have experience working with various insurance companies.

It’s normal to be worried about going to court in a car accident case. You’re not alone in this process. Let us help you. Call the Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO for a consultation.