Get help after a hit and run accident.As the victim of a motorcycle hit and run accident, you may suffer significant injuries, damage to your bike, and other losses. Yet, if the other driver fled the scene, you may be unsure who to turn to for help. 

Financial compensation may be available if you have appropriate insurance coverage. Our experienced personal injury attorney can help you uncover all sources of compensation available to you. 

Why Do Hit and Run Accidents Happen?

At-fault drivers may make the decision to flee the scene of the accident because they are afraid to face the consequences or unsure of what will happen to them. When an accident is truly that—an accident—staying at the scene of the accident is the right thing to do. Fleeing is illegal, but some may believe they can flee and not get caught. Some may fear:

  • The financial consequences of the accident
  • Criminal consequences of the accident
  • Getting caught drinking and driving 
  • Losing their job or career 
  • Facing what they’ve done

No matter why it happens, you have the legal right to compensation from that party if the police find that individual. Even if they do not, a personal injury attorney from Nebraska may be able to help. 

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident 

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, take every step you can to protect yourself:

  • Call the police immediately.
  • Don’t leave the scene of the accident, but ensure you are off the road where you are safe. 
  • Get emergency medical help even if you believe you are okay. 
  • Talk to witnesses at the accident scene if possible. Get names, phone numbers, and other contact information. Ask them to file a police report for what they saw occur. 
  • Take photos if safe to do so. Document anything you can about what happened in the moments after it occurred.
  • Call your Nebraska motorcycle accident attorney for guidance.

Paying for Your Injuries After an Accident 

If police find the driver who hit or otherwise caused your accident, you can file a claim with their insurance policy to cover your losses. The negligent party’s insurer may pay for your losses. They may be required to pay out-of-pocket for your losses otherwise.

If the police do not find the negligent party, your insurance company may offer coverage. If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, your agent may work with you to cover the losses you have. Your attorney also helps you avoid costly mistakes

Common Motorcycle Accident Damages You May Include

Your attorney will work with you to determine all of your losses from the accident. This helps ensure you receive fair compensation for your losses. Some of the most common damages include:

  • Medical bills, including ER and specialist visits
  • Ambulance costs 
  • Long-term rehabilitation and medical care
  • Lost time at work
  • Loss of ability to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage to your property

Hiring a Skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is Critical 

The complexity of a motorcycle hit and run accident makes hiring an attorney the best decision for many people. After an accident like this, expert advice and guidance through the claims process can help you avoid common mistakes when filing a claim. It may also help ensure you have a long-term vision of what your medical and rehabilitation needs may be. Don’t speak to insurance adjusters until you have an attorney by your side. 

If you are the victim in a hit and run, call The Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop, PC, LLO. We’ll discuss your case with you, provide key information, and help you to take action to get the financial compensation owed to you. Schedule a free consultation today.