Get help after a motorcycle accident amputation injury. Motorcycle accidents often have life-altering consequences. Amputation is one of the many disabling injuries that victims may suffer—ranging from shattered limbs requiring surgical amputation to fingers compressed between objects during the motorcycle accident.

As one of the most serious types of motorcycle accident injuries, amputations are also some of the most complex to file a claim for as the victim. Skilled legal assistance is necessary in order to maximize your financial recovery and ensure you have the resources you need to move forward with your life. 

Recovering From an Amputation

Life after an amputation can be difficult, especially initially. Many people spend time in a hospital setting recovering as the wound site heals. There’s often a risk of infection. Sometimes, more than one operation is needed—and each tends to be invasive with additional risks. 

It may take several months to a year for the residual limb to heal and for scar tissue to form. This can be a disfiguring injury. During that time, a loss of mobility may impact the way a person interacts with others, how they work to earn a living, and how they enjoy life. It’s likely that you’ll be unable to enjoy riding your motorcycle for some time. 

Months of rehabilitation are often necessary to help a person recover from an amputation. This may include time working with therapists to learn how to use a prosthetic, re-developing fine motor skills, and building up energy and stamina.  

Choosing a Prosthetic 

Prosthetics can provide an avenue for improving function, but there are numerous types to select from—including some that offer more range of motion and better functionality. Working with a specialist, it’s possible to get a better fit to meet your needs. Don’t settle for a prosthetic that doesn’t meet your expectations. 

You may need updated prosthetics over the coming years, especially if your body weight changes or damage to the device occurs. New and improved models may also improve function and quality of life.

Possible Damages You May Qualify for After a Motorcycle Accident

Living with the damage caused by a motorcycle accident requires having the financial means to do so. With so many potential financial needs in the coming years and months, it’s hard to know how much you should request when filing a claim with the responsible party. This is why you should never rush to accept a settlement offer until you’ve reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and have a full understanding of the compensation you’re entitled to receive.  

Some of the potential losses you may be able to claim after a motorcycle accident amputation include:

  • Emergency medical service costs
  • Surgical procedures, including secondary procedures 
  • Infection management
  • Hospital stays
  • Prosthetic costs
  • Wound care costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Pain and suffering costs 
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of ability to work

Your motorcycle accident attorney will work closely with you to determine what types of claims are most suitable for your situation. These are only a few of those potential losses. Do you need to retrofit your home to accommodate a wheelchair? Perhaps you were the family’s breadwinner providing health insurance to each member.  An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can ensure you receive the maximum possible compensation. 

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

As complex as an amputation injury is, it’s critical to be aggressive in getting the right level of care and compensation owed to you. This healing process will take time—often months or years. Having access to the financial means you need can help you overcome the losses you’re experiencing today. 

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